Ya $5 socks are cool, but have you ever gotten $5 of crypto?

It’s never too late to spread the crypto spirit. Give dad some DOGE, your BFF a bit of BTC, your auntie a lil ETH, and more for as little as $1. LOLs and OMGs guaranteed.


Make sure your account is set up and funded.

Deposit the amount of funds you wish to gift into your Robinhood Brokerage account and have your Robinhood Crypto account ready for your special someone(s) to receive their gift. All it takes is as little as $1.


Customize your gift.

Choose a design, crypto, gift amount, and

personal message. Maybe even mention it’s commission-free so that it’s not one of those gifts people are scared to open.


Give the gift.

Send it directly to your special someone via a special link.

*Crypto gifts are not available in Nevada or Hawaii. Crypto gifts availability may be subject to regulatory approval in certain states.


Track your gift.

Make sure your recipient has a Robinhood Crypto account to accept the gift within 14 days. If they don’t, no sweat; you won’t be charged, and you still get bragging rights that you gave out crypto.

Need help? Learn more about crypto gifts in our help center.

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Cryptocurrency gifts are only available to Robinhood Crypto customers. Availability may be subject to regulatory approval in certain states. Terms and Conditions

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